AG Semiconductor Services (AGSS) is the industry leader in managing fab expansion, conversion and closure projects. Our experienced team of project managers has IDM fab backgrounds with a wealth of industry experience to ensure on-time, on-site project completion. Our team has years of experience supporting multiple OEMs with technical expertise using the best-known methods in the industry.


The drive for manufacturing on larger-diameter wafers has been strong for the past few years and is projected to continue. The benefits of running production on larger-diameter wafers have long been established throughout the industry; however, the capital investment to start a fab from scratch can be difficult to justify. One alternative to the “brick and mortar” option is to convert an existing facility. AGSS’ expertise offsets increasing competitive pressures, helping your company through the strategic decision to convert your existing facility.

AGSS can make your 6″ to 8″ fab conversion seamless and cost-effective with our wide inventory of available 8″ equipment. Late-vintage tools will convert to 200mm, which will cost less than full tool replacement.

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Adding capacity to your fab now will position you to maximize your profit when the next upswing gets underway. Our team will help you get processes qualified quickly, with pretested pilot lines to ensure you have the right tools in place so you’ll be ready when your customers need capacity.


AGSS is an industry leader in full-line fab acquisitions, providing sellers with immediate access to capital. If the time comes to close one of your facilities, AGSS has years of project management experience to help with the de-installation, transportation and logistics for your semiconductor equipment.

AGSS also offers fully integrated equipment remarketing services for equipment that cannot be converted from 150mm. This allows you to convert surplus manufacturing equipment into cash, quickly and efficiently.